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International Patients

We are aware that travelling away from home can be a stressful event so the International Patient Service was established to serve all patient and patient families needs and requests

International Service

Hospital Universitario Austral is a nonprofit organization known for its medical and nursing specialization, the quality of care, its highly specialized tertiary care, its infrastructure and state-of-the-art technology.

Patients, just like you, choose Hospital Universitario Austral (HUA) for the high quality of our healthcare services.

Hospital Universitario Austral is known for its highly specialized medical staff treating seriously ill patients under rigorous standards of care and scientific knowledge.

Thus, care is provided every year to hundreds of patients and their families from over 20 different countries.

Quality of Service

Hospital Universitario Austral physicians and nurses provide quality human, technical and scientific services to patients, helping them to preserve, recover or maintain their health. This can only be achieved with a structured continuing education plan, where every individual practitioner strives to help patients recover as fast as possible. Therefore, patients and staff are required to follow physicians’ indications regularly working hand in hand with nurses.

Healthcare Services

State-of-the-art technological development applied to areas such as neurosurgery, cardiology, oncology, liver and bone marrow organ transplants, urology, gynecology and gastroenterology, among others, has turned Hospital Universitario Austral into a world-class center providing advanced tertiary care. Hospital Universitario Austral meets care needs in three areas: Emergency care, Outpatient and Inpatient care. A University Hospital merging human resources and facilities with education and research at the graduate level. Thus, everyday practice decision-making and specialized care are always backed by an ongoing education process and academic work.

Why in Argentina?

Argentina is known to have a high level of scientific attainment in medicine practice and professional skill.

Many argentine scientists have been Nobel Laureates in Medicine or have been granted other awards for their vanguard medical technology achievements.

  • nobel_houssayDr. Bernardo Alberto Houssay
  • nobel_leloirDr. Luis Federico Leloir
  • nobel_milsteinDr. César Milstein


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